How to Implement Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Your Business

image of a walkway for a business

Landscaping decisions can be hard for a business. You have to think about how you want your store to look and it can be overwhelming to plan within your budget. At The Hardscape Center, we want to make commercial landscaping easier for you and your business. We work with you to help you find landscaping styles that fit exactly what you are looking for, whether that means working with a general contractor or doing your own installation. 

The first thing that you want to do when planning your commercial landscaping in Richmond is to create general ideas to discuss with one of our team members. This can be searching ideas on Google or Pinterest, and saving design ideas that you like. You will want to look for any key elements that you like in the basic design such as greenery, seating, retaining walls and walkways. Make sure you think about how much space you have to work with,how much greenery you want, and any other  features you would like to have. 

Next, you will work with one of our team members to get an idea of what is possible for your landscape and budget. We will work with you to get as much of what you want into your design, and even suggest ideas that we have for your business. Once we have decided on a design, we will build your commercial landscape within your time frame.

At The Hardscape Center, we have a large variety of businesses that we have designed and have experience in, like parks, distribution facilities, apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, shopping centers, and large and small manufacturing facilities. 

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2021 Retaining Walls In Richmond Trends

Image of a retaining wall in Richmond

You might be wondering why you would want to have a retaining wall in your backyard and what value or purpose it might have. Well, retaining walls have been used for a long time in Richmond and the simple reason is that it makes the backyard more elegant. There isn’t just one look retaining walls can have so you are sure to find something that we can do for your backyard. Along with the layout of your retaining walls, you also get to choose the materials you want your retaining walls to be made out of to get the exact look you want. 

Some of the biggest ideas for retaining walls are:

  • The basic retaining wall: the singular wall made up of your choice in brick or stone that can have a variety of plants or walkways you would like above it.
  • The double layer retaining wall: you have a shorter retaining wall in front with a flat area for your choice in plants or seating, with another retaining wall behind it.
  • The seating retaining wall: a single retaining wall that is at a height where you or guests can use for extra seating.

A huge benefit to retaining walls is that they can be used and designed exactly how you want them to be in your imagination. We offer full service design and installation of retaining walls in Richmond, for those of you that like to be hands off. Or, we can supply you with the materials needed to build your dream retaining wall yourself. At The Hardscape Center, we work hard to make sure that you get all of your outdoor living goals accomplished. We also offer services for fire pits, water features, paver patios, walkways, and more. 

To learn more about how to get your dream retaining wall in Richmond, call The Hardscape Center today!